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Friday, August 17, 2018

Heavy storms moving into the area

Heavy storm to move into the area but to stay mainly north of Buffalo through the early overnight hours and evening. Expect small hell and will do eyes Gusty winds. It will last pretty much all night long with the Abundant moisture in the area from the Gulf of Mexico stream. Expect a rainy and mostly cloudy day for tomorrow Saturday what should improve late in the day.

Updated info to Andy's Weather Site

I have to delete my Autumn forecast due to my autism as it was not clear with my communication. I am working on an updated one later today and it should be ready by tomorrow afternoon. I been busy with my primary job doing computer repair. I should have my website up and running shortly fully functionable for you guys to look at more content on my website. I hope to have my website fully functionable everyday with new content and a forecast for Western New York and any major weather news in the country of the u.s. I will be doing a new features I'm a website that you can interact with shortly. So please visit my website as often as you like to see the changes being made to I am also busy with other things going on and I kind of want to do a forecast of some sort or major news story every single day has my website updated around 10 a.m. or so. Stay tuned to more changes on my website.