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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Cold weather continuing, cold weather possibly for January

Cold weather continuing for the next couple of days into the first week of the New Year's. The biggest cold weather to come after the New Year's around the 5th through 7th time frame of January. A back and forth period from mid month of January starting around the 10th of January and ending around the 20th. Some brutally cold air to close the month of January based on the CFS forecast model. The short-term forecast models are back and forth with the warmer condition for the European model for the forecast period starting to 8 to the 14th of January. The GFS solution shows cooler then the European model for this time frame but I am leaning towards the CFS forecast model for Colder Weather than all three of them combined. This CFS solution also showed Colder Weather First for the December forecast sooner than the GFS and European. For this reason only I am leaning towards the CFS forecast.

The video is in detail of what the forecast models are showing but all you need to know is short-term is could be colder than normal approximately 10 to 15 degrees colder here in Western New York what temperature is in the single digits as low and teens as a high and if that is maybe too warm for some of the time. Below is a video discussion of the model output.

The video!